"Dueces" Florida Water Mist 16oz
"Dueces" Florida Water Mist 16oz
"Dueces" Florida Water Mist 16oz
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"Dueces" Florida Water Mist 16oz

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Let's Enhance That Home Energy Protection With Our Dueces Florida Water Mist.

Every Spray Is Infused With Amethyst, Obsidian & Smoky Quartz To Add To Bringing High Vibes To Your Home.

Item Includes:

  • 16oz Fine Mist Spray Bottle
  • Reiki Infused Genuine Small Crystals 
  • Florida Water

There Are Many Uses Of This Spiritual Cleanser.


  • Repel Negative Vibes: Mist in your space to repel negative energy and negative spirits. Attract the love
  • Enhance cleansings: Add to your spiritual baths to enhance spiritual cleansings.
  • Block The Hate: Spray it on yourself for a protective shield. (Smells Great!!!!)
  • Add to Your Mop Water: A great way to cleanse & bless your home
  • Use As An Ancestral Offering: Pour some in a bowl of water on your altar as an offering to the ancestors for guidance
  • Tranquility Tools & Crystals: Spray & Wipe Down Tranquility Tools to cleanse & bless them.
  • Calming: Spray Florida Water mist into the air to dispel depression and stress.
  • Home Chi: Place small bowls of Florida Water in your home in the corners of the room. This will help to ward off any negative energy & help your home’s chi flow.