Ascension Oil/ Wax Warmer
Ascension Oil/ Wax Warmer
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Ascension Oil/ Wax Warmer

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Fascinating swirls of gleaming sculpted silver in an upward position screams Ascension to me!

Coming together in a masterpiece of modern art, supporting a sleek glass dish above a candle's golden flame to add flame to the energy.

More than just a theatrical decoration, this sophisticated sculpture is an elegant fragrance diffuser when your favorite scented oil or wax melt is warmed by the glowing tealight below.

Embrace the energy from the art itself giving mental affirmation of high vibrations!!


  • Oil warmer weighs 0.5 lbs. and measures 5 inches by 5 inches by 3.75 inches. Fits perfectly on a shelf or table as meditative décor.
  • The oil warmer is made from glass with a metal stand that is easy to clean and provides gorgeous sculptural details.
  • Design a peaceful and aromatic ambience by warming and diffusing the essential oils Oils Wax melts of your choice. Simply put it into the top and light a candle underneath to create a tranquil and perfumed environment.
  • Clean with soap and water to remove remaining fragrance oils and candle residue before next use.
  • Perfect as a gift to use during meditation, yoga, or to simply make your home smell amazing. It works with practically any essential oil so feel free to create your own unique scents.