General Energy Reading
Bastetic Temple

General Energy Reading

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For each question:

•Get whatever card or cards that come out of the deck as I shuffle.

•Each card will be clarified until we can't clarify it anymore

My goal is to help you get as much clarity from this reading as spirit allows me to give.

Let's Get Into It!

After making your payment, send an email with your name, order number and question(s) to

Give as much info as you feel guided to (optional) for your reading to be as specific of a message you are seeking.

If your question is in regard to a person, please include their name, title, initials or sun zodiac sign.

And I gotchu!

(You shall receive your reading within 24-72 hours depending on the amount of questions asked)

Disclaimer: Please understand that I do not predict the future, I read the current energy during your reading. Use your own discernment in regard to the messages. Please be mindful that energy is fluid. Depending on your question(s), this can appear as past, present or future energy. Take the messages as guidance, self confirmation of your own intuitive thinking, and/or advice applied to your situation the way you see fit. This does NOT replace any medical diagnosis. If you are in need of serious assistance, please seek professional instruction. This is to be taken for entertainment purposes.